About Us

Why Bright ENGenuity

Having developed the most sought-after superchargers of the past decade, Bright ENGenuity’s expertise is second to none. Our design, analysis, test, measurement, and manufacturing know how yield the highest flowing, most efficient, and lightest weight positive displacement machines in the world. Let us apply our skills to your project, whether it be for racing, performance automotive, or all other applications where these characteristics are paramount.”

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Who We Are

Bright ENGenuity was founded in 2010 by, President, Garrett Bright, to offer his extensive engineering experience with automotive superchargers and related flow-fields, as a service to develop products for adjacent market companies who stand to benefit from resulting improvements in air flow, efficiency, and light weighting. In 2022, Bright ENGenuity also began distributing the same CAE/CFD software that have made it so successful, enabling Bright ENGenuity client companies to develop their own successful products.

The Authority in Positive Displacement Supercharger Design and Analysis