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Need a clean sheet design? Bright ENGenuity specialize in the design, and analysis, of all facets of light weight positive displacement screw compressors and blowers, all with an eye toward good manufacturability and acceptable cost. This includes design of the rotor profiles; shaft, gear, coupling & hub designs; bearing arrangements; seal selection; port optimization; rotor coatings; inlet and discharge ducting; tensioners; drive pulleys; and etcetera. Bright ENGenuity provide detailed drawings; manufacturing instructions; special manufacturing and assembly tool designs; as well as manufacturing, test, and inspection processes as required.


Already have a design but lacking analysis resources? Bright ENGenuity can supplement your in-house analysis capabilities with our own. We offer complete CFD analysis capabilities of positive displacement screw compressors, and blowers from suction geometry through discharge. Additionally, we provide topology and shape optimization services to find you ideal flow path. Our full suite of top-of-the-line CAD/CAE/CFD software, such as Creo, SolidWorks, SCORG, Simerics MP+, and HELYX with Adjoint, are key enablers for Bright ENGenuity’s extensive capabilities.


Looking to move in a new direction with your products but unsure how to proceed? Bright ENGenuity are here to advise you. We have the demonstrated experience to help you realize the full potential of your ideas and apply them to your current product line. Be it light weighting, cost reduction, efficiency improvement, or improved manufacturability, Bright ENGenuity can guide you through the process.


Without validated tools to analyze your ideas, they remain just that…ideas. Bright ENGenuity are ready to grow your in-house capabilities by providing you with the same software we use. We can help you implement these tools in your own organization, providing domain expertise training, specific to the application of positive displacement machines with their associated flow fields.

Bright ENGenuity is a US distributor for SCORG, the industry leading grid generation and 1D performance prediction software for positive displacement screw machines.

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Bright ENGenuity is a US distributor for Simerics MP+, a 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool that provides accurate virtual testing for the analysis and performance prediction of Positive Displacement Compressors, Pumps, Motors, and associated Systems.

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Bright ENGenuity is a US agent for HELYX Adjoint, a continuous adjoint CFD solver for topology and shape optimization of complex internal and external flow applications, available for HELYX.

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